With already 470 issued loans out of which 32% to men and 68% to women, the Women's Cooperative Bank is a valuable ally you need to get to know. This could be the starting point of your business future.

The Women's Cooperative Bank started is activities in January 2001 in Larnaca, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The members of the Women's Cooperative Bank Board of Directors come from the sectors of banking, industry, academia and they represent all the districts offering their services free of charge.

The Women's Cooperative Bank is the first Cypriot organisation that has been involved in European programmes for the promotion of female entrepreneurship. You simply choose the capital requirements of your business and see your objectives materialise.

At the Women's Cooperative Bank we are always ready to respond and be of instant service to you, offering the most flexible financial products matching your needs.


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