Women's Co-operative Bank offers the possibility to its clients to satisfy all their demands or desires by giving customers loans at a competitive rate of interest prevailing at the time.

Maximum Loan for every member of the society amounts to 100.000 (one hundred thousand euro) with the lowest interest rate and suitable conditions for re-payment to up to 20 years.

•  Personal Loans.
•  Student Loans.
•  Housing Loans.
•  Corporate Loans.
•  Overdrafts.

Personal Loans
This type of loan covers your current personal / business needs and those of your family. The amount offered is according to your needs and your financial capabilities.

The repayment period varies from 1 to 25 years, depending on the age of the member.

Student Loans
The Cyprus Women's Coop Bank shows its interest in our students and offers low interest rates Student Loans.

Housing Loans
You want to acquire your own house, flat, country house, plot or land today? Come to us, and together we' ll work out your personal housing loan, according with your budget and ability to repay.

Corporate Loans
Loans to organizations of common benefit, legal self-governing authorities and for other similar purposes.

The Cyprus Women's Coop Bank offers its members loans so that they can create their own businesses, or to expand existing businesses, and to help financially on the daily running of the business. The Society offers a current account with cheque book, mid-term professional loans and letters of credit.

The overdraft account covers your current personal/business needs and enables you to withdraw cash without giving notice. The limit offered is according to your financial needs and capabilities. Once the account is opened, you are given a chequebook.

You can pay, also, your utility bills (EAC, Cyta, Water Board, LTV etc) by direct debits.





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